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The essential foundation for all programs offered by the Communication Coach.

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Couple Coaching

Put Carolyn's years of experience and coaching expertise to work for your relationships. Benefit from a personalized analysis of your unique communication styles.

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The Communication Assessment and Communication Intelligence seminars are fresh tools for today’s growing families, places of worship, and businesses. 

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What if your most perplexing questions about yourself and others could be answered with a single tool? What if a single workshop could give you the key to improving all your relationships – with family, friends, coworkers?  

The Communication Intelligence Advantage™ Program and the Communication Assessment do just that! Used with thousands of groups for more than 20 years, this character-based communication analysis tool is unlike anything else available. Unlike personality profiles, this tool measures your communication with others. It is not only diagnostic, but also prescriptive for how you can adapt your communication to every person and every situation. The result? effectiveness, success, and harmony.


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