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Mover’s Response to Life

Movers  respond  to  life’s  events automatically  and  instinctively then  move into action. Immediately their feelings are engaged and their action is influenced by those feelings. Their feelings are not about what is going on in the people around them, like those of a Responder, but are about what  is  going  on  inside  them.  Movers transmit and energize others. They reflect their feelings with facial  expressions, so whether  angry or  happy,  their  feelings  are seen. While  moving, their  reasoning or logic kicks in. However, they often think about an action or conversation long after the event is over. If  their behavior has not met their own expectations, they are quite hard on themselves.  Their  heart motive may have been pure, but their  method  may  have  seemed  too  hard,  too fast  or  untimely.

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