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Communication Coach

Carolyn Santos

Carolyn’s enthusiasm for helping people understand themselves and others through effective communication has earned her the title of The Communication Coach.

With more than 30 years of experience, Carolyn brings a wealth of knowledge, insight, and fun to the world of communication training.

As the founder of Small World Communications and Master Certified Trainer of the Life Languages™, Carolyn has trained hundreds of groups in multiple countries ranging from young children to CEOs.

Her background includes military, medical, ministerial, and management experience, giving her unique insight into many walks of life. Carolyn’s professional and upbeat seminars will be an asset to your organization’s team development or training program.

carolyn santos communication

All I can say is WOW. I so highly recommend her as a teacher with this concept because she does not come in and just teach. Filled with enthusiasm in her presentation there was never a dull moment. During every break, every staff and team person talked their language and compared it to the others in the room. In other words, they got it, understood it and began to live it in their jobs and wow the improvement we began to see in their relating with each other was amazing.

If you want a staff or team who really understands each other and uses that understanding in their work relations then you would want to invite Carolyn to come and share. Understanding another person definitely makes for a better work environment.

Trisha FrostPresident/Co-Founder Shiloh Place