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Learn our uncomplicated, yet profoundly impacting approach.

Our revolutionary program gives you and your employees the tools and language needed to solve complicated, interpersonal issues, which is one of the most common constraints of personal and professional success. 

The immediate and long-term effects of our training will:

  • Strengthen relationships
  • Enhance team dynamics
  • Encourage character development
  • Resolve conflict
  • Create an environment wherein diverse cultures work together
  • Empower participants to discover areas of greatest personal effectiveness

I found your communications information and techniques to be the most valuable I have ever experienced in over 20 years of professional career experience. I believe I am a better communicator today because of the principles presented in the Life Languages™ Seminar.

Roger G. CokerDirector, TIGER & International Recruiting, Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX

Corporate Training Specifics

If, after we talk about your goals, you decide to invite her for the management or group seminars, here is what you can expect. 

Carolyn will travel to your company and you may choose:

  1. A 4-hour block
  2. Two 4-hour blocks 
  3. An 8-hour block

The Seminar May Include:

  • Introduction to the Kendall Life Languages Profile™
  • Personalized binder for every attendee including their personal profile, seminar syllabus, and post-seminar reference materials.
  • Participant-centered instruction
  • Presentation mixed with hands-on activities
  • Causes of internal/external conflicts
  • Training in understanding language differences
  • Organizational directory of participants (optional)
  • Pictorial graphs of your teams’ communication demographics (optional)
  • Specialized CrossTalk/CrossTie analysis and index of specified group (optional)
  • Ongoing training workshops targeting specific development areas such as leadership development.

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The Life Languages™ have three categories:


Act first, then
think or feel.


Feel first, then
think or act.


Think first, then
act or feel.

Life Languages™ has become more than a tool for us. It is part of our worldview. It has become the grid through which we understand people, their communication, and their perception of our communication. Being able to understand how people are wired has freed us to extend grace rather than be judgmental.

Pete and Lisa Dresser